Southern California
4x4 Jeep, CAmper van
& Overlanding RENTAL

Adventure and off-road camping experience in California

Our self-drive tours provide everything you need in one package. Rent a 4x4 Jeep Camper with a roof top tent or an off-road-capable Camper Van for an adventure with all camping equipment provided.


Let us design a custom trip plan for you, or feel free to follow your nose and get happily lost in the Great Outdoors.

Available for rental in San Diego, California


Funki Adventures is an Overland 4x4 off-road adventure provider based in San Diego, California. We get you ‘off the beaten path’, in luxury, throughout California and neighboring states, by providing a 4x4 self-drive four wheel drive (4WD) Jeep off-road camper rental.  Alternatively if glamping is your thing, we can rent you a rugged 2WD camper van. Each vehicle has a roof top tent for overlanding luxury. Whether you want to experience the desert, drive forest trails in the mountains or surf in the Pacific Ocean - we’ve got a tailored trip for you.

Let us guess...

A traditional vacation or road trip is too... Well...
Traditional for your taste.

You want an amazing adventure, away from the crowds… (starting in sunny Southern California?)

You want to get off the beaten path, to spectacular and unknown places most people don’t know about… in an off-road rental

You don’t have the time to plan an overland expedition...

these concerns don't limit your choices -

they open the floodgates of possibilites!

Fully Custom Adventure Plan With Vehicle Rental

Fully Custom Adventure Plan in Your Own Vehicle



We provide everything you need!

Rent or Hire Off-Road 4x4 Campers OR

Reach the wilderness in one of our 4WD Overland Jeep Wranglers, complete with roof-top tent and camping gear. These work-horses will get you to unspoilt and remote scenic spots.

professional grade camping equipment

Everything you need is included from the roof top tent, chairs, utensils and cooking equipment. All you need to bring is a hunger for adventure!


custom off-road camping trip plans

Use our knowledge and experience to create a tailored road trip plan. You will get to see and experience what you want, all within your time frame. Don’t spend days researching, we’ve got you covered.



why adventure with us?

why adventure
with us?

1. You want to be taken care of by a small, family business who takes personal pride in creating amazing adventures.

2. You want a vacation designed specifically for you, not a trip where you have to compromise.

3. Getting a little dirty is something you crave, not avoid.

Self-drive 4x4 (or 4WD) rental or hire, to allow you to go where you want, when you want. 2WD vans available for additional comfort

Local knowledge to help you get off the beaten path and find the hidden gems most tourists never see.

The best roof top tents in the business from iKamper. They are easy to set up and oh, so comfortable!

Vehicle insurance available through Wheelbase (you can also transfer your own insurance if eligible).

We can help you easily finance your overland trip through Affirm.

If you have to cancel last minute, trip insurance is available through us from Generali Insurance.

Emergency vehicle roadside assistance (both on and off the paved roads) from NSD.

Spot X GPS tracker with SOS rescue connectivity in each vehicle (doesn’t need cell signal).

Vehicle recovery boards in each Jeep and van, so you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere!



"Where to begin on how AMAZING this company is?? I took my almost 8 year old on a mother-son adventure and I am NOT a camper. We didn’t even own sleeping bags before this trip. Frank and company are absolutely amazing, and held my hand the entire way. Every detail was taken care of from daily adventures to where to grocery shop to hidden gems, special requests, and all of the pro insider tips. The pop up tent is super easy to use, the Jeep is easy to drive, and comes outfitted with everything you could possibly need."
- Liza P.

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"Booking this jeep was great! I was able to explore Joshua Tree and Death Valley National parks worry free. Intense dirt roads? No problem! At first, I was a bit unsure about the tent on the roof. How would going up and down that ladder? How would it fair in intense wind? It took one night to get used to, but after that it was a breeze. The tent was solid in intense wind. I could not have explored some of the places I went if I had not rented the jeep! Thank you Funki Adventures for a smooth and awesome trip!"
- Amber S.

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