what is overlanding?

Overlanding can best be described as traveling off the beaten path, where the journey is more important than the destination. The intent is to experience varying natural environments which most people rarely if ever get to encounter.

Many of our customers want to find out what it is like to explore the Western deserts, nearby National Parks and forests by getting off the paved roads and finding canyons, caves and even ancient native tribal sites. In the same trip they can access mountain trails in their overland vehicle, sleeping in the roof top tent and not having to find RV style campsites.

In essence, Overlanding is exploring the unknown, but we will make sure you don't get lost!

what overland vehicles do you provide?

We provide  both Jeeps and Adventure Vans at our San Diego base. Every adventurer has different needs, so we cater to as many of those as we can. Jeeps are often perfect for 2 or 3 person adventures, whereas Adventure Vans are better suited to families or groups of 4+.

The Jeep Wrangler (Gladiators to join the fleet soon too!) is ideal ofr accessing scenery, campsites and routes which are well off the beaten path. The Adventure Vans have off road tires, so will happily traverse most (easy) trails.

Do you have additional equipment available?

Yes, additional items can be booked and include:

Custom Trip Plans
Upgrade from 2 person Roof Top Tent to 4 person Roof Top Tent
Ground tent (4 person)
Sleeping bags
Upgrade from cooler to fridge
Battery power pack
Solar shower
Bike rack
Sky viewing kit
Paddle boards
...and many more items...!

what insurance coverage is available?

You have the option of purchasing a few different levels of insurance during the booking process, depending on your needs and comfort level.

​Up to $1 million liability insurance in the US is available.
Up to $1 million in physical damage protection is available.

Trip insurance is available in case you have to cancel your trip without losing the deposit and any other funds paid upfront​.

You also have the option of assigning your own personal insurance (where you provider allows) to our vehicle. We can assist with that process.

Unfortunately credit card insurance will not work with our vehicles as they are considered to be 'modified' (because they have roof top tents mounted on them).

is there anywhere in califoria or the surrounding states, where camping is free?

Absolutely! There are endless dispersed camping spots where camping is free and usually pretty quiet too. These camp sites are usually in more remote locations and therefore may lack some facilities.

We aim to create trip plans which bring you to a mixture of dispersed camp locations as well as traditional serviced camp grounds, depending on your preferences.

This does not mean you can just 'drop anchor' and camp where you like - there are endless places where it is possible to camp for free. There are also  many places where camping is not allowed. We will help guide you on where you can and cannot camp, as well as  where to find the free places.

I do not live in the us and do not have a us driver's license. Is that a problem?

No, this is not a problem. Assuming you have a full license and are over 25 years old, you can drive our vehicles and also purchase insurance during the booking process.

where in san diego do i pick up and drop off my rented Jeep or rented adventure van?

We typically arrange for pick up and drop off at 3525 Del Mar Heights Road, San Diego, CA 92130.

However, if you want to try some surfing or paddle boarding for example, we can meet you at one of our trusted partner locations. Go surfing, then pick up your Jeep or camper van at a recommended surf shop. Then upon return, meet us at our address, give back the Jeep or camper van and enjoy the rest of your stay in San Diego!

are dogs allowed on a trip in your vehciles?

Yes, we love dogs but also have some restrictions. Any dogs traveling must be under 30 lbs in weight, for safety reasons. Dogs are allowed inside the Jeep or Adventure Van, but not in the Roof Top Tents. Dogs are absolutely not allowed in the sleeping area inside the Adventure Vans.

We also charge an additional cleaning fee of $30 per day for dogs. If there is excess hair from shedding, the fee will be assessed at a higher rate, to be calculated upon return of the vehicle.