Adding to the perfect California experience: Onroad touring in style

After a few days of offroad touring, spoil yourself with some classy, convertible California cruising by switching from a Jeep or van, to one of our upcoming convertible cruisers.

We are in the process of acquiring some pretty cool cars which you can rent as part of your trip, so if interested, send us an email and we will provide details of when they will be available. Watch this space!

All vehicles are located in San Diego, Southern California

AVAILABLE NOW! CRUISE CA IN A RED MERCEDES (hint: add it to your booking!)

San Diego Jeep Rentals

Each Jeep seats 5, though we limit the number of adults to 4 due to space and weight restrictions. There is enough space for luggage for 4 people (provided you pack sensibly!) in addition to storage for all the equipment that we provide.

We equip our Jeeps with high quality parts and equipment from                                , specialists in Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories. Visit their website to see how you can add some cool upgrades to your Wrangler, and perhaps take it overlanding?

Equipment included:

Luxury 2 or 4 person hard shell roof top tent
Full kitchen for up to 4 people
Pour over brewing cone and kettle
Trasharoo external trash carry bag
Jet Boil Genesis stove
Solar shower
Collapsible sink
Dish cleaning gear
Vehicle recovery boards
Portable air compressor
Battery booster pack
Fire extinguisher
Rechargeable lanterns (2)
Spot X emergency satellite locator
Locking metal drawer 
Spade (you know …. for when nature calls)
First aid kit

Optional Upgrades:

Fridge upgrade from cooler
Stargazing kit
Bike rack (not for off-road use)
4 person ground tent
Sleeping pads


OPTIONAL equipment

If there is anything you’d like, but do not see above, please let us know. We will do what we can to accommodate!